Snorkeling Kahe Point Beach Park (aka Electric Beach)

Kahe Point Beach Park is more commonly referred to by its nickname – Electric Beach.

Electric Beach doesn’t provide your typical tropical picturesque scenery like some other Oahu snorkel spots do.

But a trip to Electric Beach is all about the snorkeling, and with the large amount of marine life you can see here, it’s sure to not disappoint!

Here’s everything you need to know about snorkeling at electric beach….

About Electric Beach

Kahe Point is aptly nicknamed due to the Electric Power Plant that’s located opposite.

(It’s also sometimes known as Tracks Beach due to the railroad tracks running in parallel with the beach, but are no longer in use).

The plant uses the seawater as a coolant, and clean warm water is pumped from the plant back into the ocean via two large cooling pipes running along the sea floor.

The clean water that’s expelled from the electric plant back into the ocean is warm, and this warm water attracts an exciting and diverse range of sea life, making this a really popular snorkeling destination.

The water at Kahe Point beach is stunningly clear and you are guaranteed to see an abundance of marine life here.


Electric Beach is reserved for intermediate swimmers and above.

The reason this beach isn’t the best location for beginners is that there is a moderate swim involved to reach the area where all of the wildlife congregates, and there are also no lifeguards present at this location.

Moderate waves, currents, and the depth of the water (about 20 feet) can also be experienced here making this location a bit too advanced for beginner snorkelers and children.

Finally, because of the long swim out to reach the snorkel spot coupled with the waves and currents, I would say that wearing snorkel fins is an absolute must!

[Ko Olina Lagoons which is close by is a very easy location for beginners and children to snorkel and can easily cater to any swimming ability].

snorkeling kahe point beach park

Snorkeling Kahe Point/Electric Beach

The best area to snorkel at Electric beach is near the exit of the pipe.

The pipes exit is indicated from shore by the ‘bubbling’ effect which you can see at the surface of the water.

If you look out toward the sea from the parking lot then you will be able to see the bubbles and the rough area in the water that you are aiming to reach.

The pipe originates from in the cement ‘pool’ (as shown above), which is right next to where you enter the water, so you can use this as a starting point and it’s basically a straight shot out from here.

This entrance into the water is a fairly simple entry but the entry is quite narrow, and the waves here can get quite rough at certain times.

You should not attempt to enter the water here if the waves are too rough. From here it’s about a 700ft swim from the shore to the exit of the pipe.

This is a fairly moderate swim but it will be well worth it once you get to the end. But as a bonus there will is also a lot for you to see on the way too.

Green Sea Turtles are a common sighting, as are a few small schools of other fish like butterflyfish and angelfish.

The water around the pipe’s exit will feel noticeably warmer, the clarity in the water here is excellent and there’s plenty of sea life congregating around this area for you to observe.

snorkeling electric beach hawaii

Electric Beach Snorkeling Tips

In order to enjoy your day and get the most out of snorkeling at Electric beach please take note of the following information and tips;

  • Don’t leave any valuables on the beach or in your car as this is a high theft area. Minimise what valuables you bring with you and lock any that you do bring in your car and out of sight, then securely attach your car key to your swim shorts/bathing suit (my swim shorts have a small zipped pocket where I put my keys).
  • Due to the moderate swim that’s involved in reaching the pipe you should definitely bring your snorkel fins to prevent you from getting tired, and help propel you through any currents.
  • Swim with a buddy, and possibly even a snorkel vest if you wish.
  • This area is also popular with scuba divers, and is a popular point to teach and certify beginner divers.
  • Finally and very importantly- Do not dive down in front of the pipes opening! The water coming out of the pipe is very strong. [You should swim above and around it].

Facilities & Amenities at Electric Beach

  • There are no stores nearby to buy food or drinks so I’d recommend at the very least bringing drinks with you to keep hydrated, and possibly a cooler with snacks too if you’ll be staying in the area a while.
  •  There are showers, restrooms and picnic tables available in this area
  • There is a parking lot and parking along the side of the road. If the parking lot is full, you can usually still find parking along the road.

Location & Getting There

Electric Beach is located on the West side of Oahu, just north of Ko Olina Resorts.

The walk from Ko Olina Resort to Electric Beach is only one mile so should take you around 20 minutes, making this a very accessible snorkeling spot for those staying at the resort

If you’re coming from Waikiki then the drive to Kahe Point Beach Park is about 40 minutes. If you are traveling by car to Kahe Point Beach Park then there is plenty of parking available in the area.

Wildlife At Kahe Point Beach Park

There’s a really diverse range of marine life that you can see snorkeling Kahe Point, such as;

  • Butterfly fish, parrot fish, damsel fish, surgeon fish, tang, wrasse, squirrel fish, big eyes, perch, trigger fish, the former Hawaii State Fish Humuhumunukunukuapuaa, goat fish, snapper, hawk fish, jacks, mackerel, cornet fish, needle fish, crustaceans, and invertebrates and Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle and Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins!

Other Nearby Attractions

Ko’Olina Resort is only a 20 minute walk away. The four ‘Lagoons’ at Ko’Olina resort are also a popular snorkel location and are worth taking a trip to.

You can check out my guides to snorkeling Ko’Olina lagoon, as well as my list of the best snorkeling Oahu has to offer.

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