Scubapro Go Sport VS Go Travel Fins

If you’re not sure which fins to go for between the Scubapro Go Sport and the Scubapro Go Travel then you’ve come to the right place.. because I own both!

So in this guide I’ll break down for you the exact differences between each set of fins, with photo comparisons between them, to help you decide.

Check it out! 🙂

Scubapro Go Sport VS Go Travel Comparison

scubapro go sport vs go travel
Go Sport
scubapro go travel vs go sport
Go Travel

Scubapro Go Sport Specs

  • Fin Type: Open Heel Boot Fit
  • Color Options: 6
  • Weight: 2.54lbs | 1.15kg
  • Length: 20.5″ (Medium)
  • Buoyancy: Positive

Scubapro Go Travel Specs

  • Fin Type: Open Heel
  • Color Options: 2
  • Weight: 2.6lbs | 1.2kg
  • Length: 20.5″ (Medium)
  • Buoyancy: Positive

go Sport VS Go Travel Sizing

With regards to sizing, I am a UK 7 / US 7.5 and I own the Go Travel fins in a size Medium-Large, and the Go Sport in small.

My partner who’s a UK 8 / US 8.5 can also comfortably user either fin.

Scubapro Go Sport Fin Size Chart

US Men45678910111213141516
US Women567891011121314151617

Scubapro Go Travel Fin Size Chart

US10-13 Youth1-55-8 Adult8-11 Adult11-12 Adult13-14 Adult
UK10-13 Youth1-2 Youth | 2-5 Adult5-8 Adult8-10 Adult10-11 Adult12-14 Adult

Scubapro Go Sport Fins Review

scubapro go sport fins review


  • Open Heel Boot Fit Design
  • Fin Skegs
  • Bungee Heel Strap

The Go Sport is designed with a large ‘boot fit’ foot pocket. This revised ergo3 foot pocket is a lot different to the foot pocket of the Go Travel version, and it makes them a versatile fin that’s suitable for any water condition.

So whether you love warm, temperate or cold water diving & snorkeling, the Go Sport fin is a great option to accompany you in all environments and for both travel and local diving.

For a shorter, lighter and more compact travel style fin, the Go Sport still deliver really good kicking performance.

They’re an efficient fin (i.e, you don’t have to kick them extremely hard to get decent power from them). And they still provide pretty good acceleration and good manoeuvrability in tight spaces.

The self adjusting bungee strap is really good quality, and it makes donning and doffing these fins so quick and easy. They have a nice large finger loop which aids them being so quick and easy to put and take off and you could also use this large loop to clip them to your BCD.

The replaceable fin skegs function are to help minimise sideslip and to also aid in stability. They also come in a variety of colors and are easily removed and replaced with a screwdriver.

I like this customisation option, and provided no-one else has the same color combination as you it’s something which makes you and your fins stand out and makes them easier to recognise if another diver has the same fins.

Overall these fins are really well built and robust, they’re very comfortable to wear, and they have fantastic performance for a travel fin – I haven’t had a single problem with them and I really enjoy using them.


  • Suitable for warm and cold water diving
  • Good for travel in that they’re lightweight and very compact
  • IATA carry on compliant
  • Monprene construction is hard wearing & durable
  • Skegs that minimize sideslip & add customisation
  • The bungee heel strap & large finger loop makes donning and doffing extremely easy
  • Available in a variety of color-ways (6)
  • Good for flutter kicking, frog kicking & back kicking
  • Very good performance for such a lightweight/compact fin


  • Not as much propulsion as a larger/stiffer fin (e.g the Mares Avanti Quattro Plus), but these are a travel fin after all.
  • Cannot be worn barefoot

Scubapro Go Travel Fins Review

scubapro go travel fins review


  • Fins interlock for compact travel
  • 25 degree pre angled blade
  • 1.2 kg/2.6 lbs for the pair

The Go Travel fins are a perfect fin for both travel and local diving and are also great for both snorkeling and diving.

They have a smaller foot pocket which is designed for them to be worn either barefoot, or with a thin neoprene sock (the 2mm Mares Equator work really well paired up with these fins).

I have worn these fins both barefoot and with the Mares Equator and they are very comfortable either way.

Their only real drawback is that because you can’t fit more than a thin sock/dive boot in them they’re not going to be suitable for cold water diving.

The Go Travel fins are IATA carry on compliant so they are a very travel friendly fin, and they are a tad more compact than the Go Sport which is due to their smaller foot pocket (though weight, and length between both sets of fins are basically the same).

These fins also feature a ‘piggy back system’ whereby the blades interlock with each other which allows for you to pack them nice and compactly (good if you have limited space!). They’re also very lightweight and short enough to fit into your carry on luggage.

The self adjusting bungee heel strap on the Go Travel fins is the exact same one as found on the Go Sports – It’s really easy to use, keeps the fins nice and steady in place and is comfortable against the back of your ankle if you choose to wear them barefoot.

Both sets of fins are made of monprene, which is a really durable material. They’re not going to suffer with broken blades and torn foot pockets, making them ideal for long term heavy duty use.

Overall, I rate the Go Travel fins as highly as I do the Go Sport fins in terms of performance, comfort, and travel friendliness. So your choice between the two will come down to the key differences between them that I’ll highlight further in the below section.


  • Very lightweight, and can interlock together to pack compactly into luggage
  • Fits easily in IATA carry on compliant luggage
  • Efficient power transfer with each kick
  • Good price point
  • Self adjusting bungee heel strap
  • Can be worn barefoot or with a thin neoprene sock
  • Good for flutter kicking, frog kicking & back kicking


  • Not suitable for cold water diving as they’re unable to accommodate a large enough dive boot
  • Not as much propulsion as a larger/stiffer fin (e.g the Mares Avanti Quattro Plus), but these are a travel fin after all.

Scubapro Go Sport VS Go Travel – Key Differences

Foot Pocket

Scubapro go sport vs go travel foot pockets
Go Travel [Left] vs Go Sport [Right]

The primary difference between the Scuba pro Go Sport fins and the Scubapro Go Travel is their vastly different foot pocket sizes (pictured).

The Go Sport fins cannot be used barefoot and require the use of a dive boot – The foot pocket is just simply too large to not wear them.

In contrast, the foot pocket of the Go Travel fin is a lot smaller and it can be either used barefoot, or with a thin neoprene sock. (You cannot fit a large dive boot in it).

Therefore for most people the deciding factor on which fin to choose will be which size foot pocket you prefer and what best meets your needs.

If you dive in both warm and colder waters then you’re going to want a fin that will accommodate a 5mm (or above) dive boot (so go for the Go Sport fins).

If all you ever do and ever plan on doing is diving in warm water, then you could go with either fin depending on your preference of footwear, but the Go Travel fins (paired with a thin sock/boot if needed) would be fine.

Fin Skegs

scubapro go sport fin skegs

The Scubapro Go Sport fins have ‘skegs‘ on them, (which the Go Travel do not).

The skegs aim to “minimize sideslip and maximize stability”.

Do they make a big difference in terms of performance improvements over the Go Travel fins? No

Do they look kinda cool? Yes

If you buy the black Go Sport fins then they come with the silver skegs by default (Pictured).

Different colored skegs can be purchased, and in total there are 8 different colored skegs that you can choose from.

They’re really easily removed and replaced using a screwdriver, and even though I feel they’re somewhat gimmicky, I do quite like that I can add that little bit of color/customisation to my fins (and they can help you to identify your fins if someone else has the same pair).


The Go Travel fins come in either black or white.. so your options with this fin are limited.

The Go Sport fins however come in 6 different colors, and of course you then also have the 8 different skeg color options you can choose from as well.

So if color, customisation, and color co-ordinating you gear is important to you, then this information may be something that sways you one way or the other.

scubapro go sport vs go travel sizing
scubapro go travel vs go sport fins

Final Verdict

I guess if you only gave me the option of one of these fins I would go with…. The Go Sport.

Purely on the basis that they are more versatile than the Go Travel fins, as you can use the Sport fins in warm or cold waters thanks to their dive boot friendly design (and I like wearing dive boots).

Your selection should come down to;

  • The temperature of the water you’ll be diving/snorkeling in
  • Whether you require, (or just prefer), to wear dive boots with them or not
  • Your budget

Hopefully this guide has answered all of your questions surrounding the Go Sport fins vs the Go Travel fins, but please let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to know regarding either set of fins!

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