How To Attach Snorkel To Mask – Step By Step

You’ve got your fancy new snorkel and your awesome new mask.. but now you need to know how to attach them together!

It’s really very simple but there are a few different types of snorkel attachments so we’ll go through each and how to use them.

So without further ado, here’s your guide on how to attach a snorkel to a snorkel mask – step by step!

How To Attach Snorkel To Mask – Step by Step

When you purchase a new snorkel it should already come with a clip attached to it.

My Scubapro Spectra and TUSA Hyperdry snorkels with their respective clips are shown below;

How To Attach Snorkel To Mask
How To Attach Snorkel To a snorkel mask Mask

Step 1 – Don your gear!

Put your snorkel mask on, and then put your snorkel into your mouth. (What you’re trying to do here is line up whereabouts your snorkel and mask strap meet with one another).

Your snorkel should be angled backwards slightly. This is so that when you put your face down into the water, the snorkel will be in the optimal position (pointing straight upwards).

Tip: If you’re a scuba diver then your snorkel will be worn on the left side of your head. [Divers wear their snorkels on the left so they don’t interfere with the regulator hose that comes over their right shoulder]

Step 2 – Positioning..

The point at which your mask strap and snorkel meet with one another is where your snorkel clip needs to be positioned.

If you’re using a plastic snorkel clip (like mine shown above) then slide it up or down the snorkel tube as needed to get it into the right place.

Once you’ve got your snorkel clip in it’s correct position you can remove your mask.

If you’re using a silicone ring, then you can just take a mental note of the correct positioning.

It’s not the end of the world right now if it isn’t 100% accurately placed – We can make minor adjustments later.

Step 3a [Plastic Clip Attachment]

If you have a plastic clip style of attachment, then it’s much easier to release the snorkel keeper/clip from one another and attach the clip to your mask strap while everything is disconnected.

Then once your snorkel keeper has been attached to your snorkel masks strap, just reattach them back to the snorkel tube.

The snorkel keeper itself should stay on your mask strap, and if you ever want to release your snorkel from the mask then you just simply need to press the release button.

Note: Some snorkel clips require you to remove one side of the mask strap to be able to thread it through the snorkel clip, and some do not. The below video is a perfect example of the mask strap being removed and thread through the clip.

If you have a silicone ring rather than a plastic clip….

Step 3b [Silicone Ring Attachment]

For those who are using a silicone ring, slide one of the rings over the snorkel tube.

Now thread the other ring under the mask strap and then role that down the snorkel tube as well.

Now continue to roll them both down the tube and into the correct position.

Step 4

You can now put your mask and snorkel back on.

You should find that your snorkel is in pretty much the correct position and that it fits comfortably, but you can make any minor adjustments as needed by sliding the snorkel up or down the tube slightly.

Does A Snorkel Go On The Right Or Left?

If you’re into scuba diving as well then your snorkel should go on the opposite side to where your regulator hose etc comes over your shoulder.

As most regulators are designed to go over your right shoulder, this means you should wear your snorkel on the left.

For plain ol’ snorkeling it doesn’t matter which side you wear your snorkel, HOWEVER.. not all snorkels are actually designed to be worn on both sides. So this will very much depend on which snorkel you have.

If you do have a one sided snorkel (which will be a left sided snorkel), and you attach it to the right side instead, what you will find is that the mouthpiece is very uncomfortable as it will be angling in the wrong direction.

Silicone Ring VS Plastic Snorkel Clip

There are two different styles of snorkel attachment;

Plastic Clip

Most snorkels tend to come with the plastic clip style of attachment.

This type of clip is usually made up of two parts which can detach from one another.

The first part of the clip attaches onto the snorkel tube. The second is what provides the attachment of the snorkel tube to your mask.

The benefit of this style is that your snorkel can detach from your snorkel mask really quickly and easily just by pressing the release button. But obviously one of the drawbacks is that plastic can be prone to potentially snapping (I haven’t experienced this personally though).

Silicone Ring

A silicone ring style of snorkel keeper looks like a figure eight (see pic).

It’s simple to use but not quite as convenient or quick to use as a plastic clip, as each time you want to separate your mask and snorkel you’ll have to completely remove it, and then go through the steps of reconnecting it again.

My Preference

The plastic clip is my personal preference for attaching my snorkel to my mask.

The quick release button to detach the snorkel and ease of reattaching again makes it far more simple and convenient than a silicone ring attachment in my opinion.

Tip: If you find yourself without a snorkel clip or ring, (for instance if yours breaks or your snorkel didn’t come with one), then all is not lost! A hair tie or an elastic band will make a great substitute in a pinch. Simply attach it the same way you would a silicone ring 🙂


Hopefully you found these step by step guide useful and are now raring to go snorkeling!

And if you have any other snorkel related questions, chances are I’ve written about it in one of my many informative guides. Check em out!

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