The BEST Dry Snorkels Of [2024] – Reviewed

Short on time? We consider the Cressi Supernova to be the best dry snorkel

If you’re keen to find out which is the best dry snorkel then you’re in luck!

We’ve created this helpful guide on what to look for in a dry top snorkel.. and of course, which is the best dry snorkel.

Picking a dry top snorkel isn’t as easy as selecting the coolest looking one (don’t worry – The ones we’ve chosen all look very cool!).

There are many things to consider when buying a snorkel. The material.. the tube diameter, whether to go for a rigid or a flexible tube, and more!

A snorkel can be one of the most simple pieces of gear you can buy but purchase a poorly constructed one and it will mar your experience with breathing problems, choking on salty ocean water, and be uncomfortable to use.

We want you to have the best experience possible on your snorkeling adventure and we have picked the very best snorkel gear for you to do this.

Here are the best dry snorkels that we recommend:

Quick Answer: The Best Dry Snorkels [2024]

  1. Cressi Supernova Dry Top Snorkel
  2. Oceanic Ultra-Dry 2 Snorkel
  3. Cressi Alpha Ultra Dry
  4. TUSA Hyperdry Elite II
  5.  Mares Ergo Dry

Dry Snorkel Vs Semi-Dry Snorkel Vs Traditional Snorkel

There are several different type of snorkel and each has its pros and cons, and each will be more suited to a person and their choice of activity than another.

So, let’s break down what each type of snorkel is, and what it is best used for…

Traditional Snorkel

The traditional snorkel has no real bells and whistles – It is simply a mouthpiece and a snorkel tube and the top of the snorkel tube is completely open.

This type of snorkel may not be the first choice for people who are:

  • Beginners
  • People are are not very comfortable in water – Since the top of the snorkel is open water can (and will) enter the snorkel.

If you dive down underwater, or a wave crashes over you then you will need to clear your snorkel – This is done by exhaling sharply to blast the water back out of the top of the snorkel.

This type of snorkel is perfect for freedivers and spearfishers as the dry/semi dry snorkel versions trap air within the tube making them extra buoyant (an issue the classic snorkel doesn’t have).

There’s nothing preventing your average Joe from using this snorkel and having a great time – But just be prepared to have to blast it clear once in a while, and not mind getting salt water in your mouth!

PROS of Traditional snorkel

  • Cheap
  • Nothing to go wrong with these snorkels therefore they can last a very long time
  • Good for freediving and spearfishing
  • Good for all types of snorkeling if water getting in the snorkel doesn’t bother you

CONS of traditional snorkel

  • You will inevitably get salty water in your mouth
  • Having to clear the snorkel regularly can interrupt your snorkelling session
  • The rigidity of the tube can sometimes make it uncomfortable to wear

Semi Dry Snorkel

A semi dry snorkel is a traditional snorkel but with a splash guard at the top of the tube.

The splash guard helps to prevent water from getting into the tube when surface snorkelling.

If you submerge the tube though then it will still fill with water.

PROS of semi dry snorkels

  • Splash guard helps to prevent water getting in the tube when surface snorkelling
  • Lots of semi dry snorkels also feature flex tube designs – This helps the snorkel fit toward the mouth better for a more comfortable fit
  • Lots of semi dry snorkels also have a purge valve which drains any water that enters the tube out through the bottom.

CONS of Semi dry snorkels

  • As with a Traditional Snorkel be prepared to have to blast clear any water that enters the tube.
  • The splash guard does make it slightly harder to blast clear the water

Dry Top Snorkel

A dry snorkel has two special features as standard.

A mechanism at the top of the snorkel prevents water from entering the snorkel (even when fully submerged).

The purge valve at the bottom of the snorkel quickly expels any water that may have entered the snorkel back into the sea without interrupting your snorkelling experience.

PROS of dry top snorkels

  • Dry top valve prevents water from entering the tube.
  • Purge valve flushes any water that does enter the tube without interrupting your breathing
  • An excellent choice for all levels/abilities

cONS of dry top snorkels

  • Slightly more expensive than a traditional snorkel
  • Not a good option for spearfishing and freediving

How A Dry Top Snorkel Works

A dry top snorkel features a mechanism that blocks water from entering the snorkel when it is submerged in water. It is actually very simple in how it works..

As you go underwater the ball float will rise with the water and block the entrance to the tube – When you resurface the float drops back down and the airway becomes clear again.

How A Dry Top Snorkel Works

How To Choose The Best Dry Snorkel

There are hundreds of different options online and in stores which can make picking a dry top snorkel daunting – How do you know you are picking the right one?

A cheap snorkel can really make a bad experience in the water. The issues that one can cause are:

  • Breathing problems. The dry top valve at the top of the snorkel can often malfunction in cheaper brand snorkels and stop you from being able to take air in.

  • Jaw Ache – The mouthpieces are often made from cheaper quality materials. These inferior materials tend to be hard, making them uncomfortable to hold in the mouth for long periods of time

Remember not all dry top snorkels are created equal – Below are the features that you can expect to find with all of them however you will see that some features/materials differ slightly.

Features In Dry Top Snorkels

Dry Top

The main feature and selling point of the dry top snorkel – The dry top! The dry top mechanism prevents water from entering the snorkel tube when it is submerged in water.

So no more choking on ocean water, and no having to blast water clear that enters the tube.

Purge Valve

What’s known as the purge valve is at the bottom of the snorkel – If any water does enter the snorkel tube then it is purged from the tube out the bottom whilst you still continue to breathe.

This is great as you can focus purely on enjoying your snorkelling experience, and not having to blast water out the top of your snorkel all the time.

Rigid Or Flexible Tube

A rigid tube can be uncomfortable, especially when snorkelling for longer durations as the rigidity means they can have a tendency to pull on your mouth.

A flexible snorkel has a rigid portion and a flexible portion which is below the mask strap – The flexible portion of the snorkel tube can be manipulated around the face and mask better than the rigid kind resulting in a more comfortable fit to the mouth.


Is it very important that the mouthpiece of the snorkel is comfortable for you.

The mouthpiece should be made from silicone (not silica, or PVC) – Mouthpieces made from silica or PVC tend to be hard which can make them uncomfortable. They are also prone to warping, and do not last as long as silicone.

Silicone is far more durable, and it is a much more flexible making it more comfortable to snorkel with for longer durations.

The BEST Dry Snorkels Reviewed [2024]

Cressi Supernova Dry Snorkel

dry top snorkel

The Cressi Supernova snorkel ticks all of the boxes – The dry top mechanism at the top of the Supernova is reliable and works really well, as does the purge valve at the bottom, working to quickly expel any enter which might enter the snorkel.

The Supernova is great quality, as you would expect from a brand like Cressi, and also comes in a huge variety of colors so you can easily match it to your mask and fins if you wish.

The mouth piece is situated at an angle towards the face, and features a corrugated tube which both aim to reduce jaw fatigue making the Supernova comfortable to snorkel with for long periods. Add to this that this snorkel is also the cheapest on our list, and you have as well the best budget dry top snorkel on the market too!


  • The mouthpiece is comfortable for long periods
  • Dry top and purge valve work exceptionally well
  • Very travel friendly as it is foldable
  • Best budget dry snorkel


  • Slightly heavier than some other options

Oceanic Ultra-Dry 2 Snorkel

The very high quality and rugged Oceanic ultra dry 2 builds on the already very popular original Ultra Dry snorkel.

The Oceanic is regarded as having extremely good dry top and purge valve technology – virtually eliminating water from even entering the snorkel at all.

The mouthpiece of the Ultra Dry 2 is comfortable, but also replaceable, this gives this snorkel a long life as the user is able to easily replace the part of the snorkel which is usually the first to degrade.


  • Oversize purge valve for easy clearing
  • Dry top valve works exceptionally well
  • Very high quality build & materials
  • replaceable mouthpiece
  • Available in a variety of colors


  • Pricey

Cressi Alpha Ultra Dry

cressi dry top snorkel

The Alpha Ultra Dry, also by Cressi, is similar to the Supernova but with a few notable upgrades. 

One of the main differences from the Supernova is the Alpha Ultra Dry’s ability to fold down very small – This makes it a great travel companion but also a great snorkel with use when scuba diving as it can be folded down into a BC pocket.

The mouthpiece featured on the Ultra Dry is presented at an angle and is very comfortable for snorkeling long periods. The dry top valve also features 360 degree technology – It can be submerged from any angle and the dry top will successfully seal, when others might not.


  • The mouthpiece is comfortable for long periods
  • Excellent build quality. This snorkel will long outlast cheaper alternatives
  • Low amount of drag
  • Great for travel use


  • Pricier than the Supernova

Tusa Hyperdry Elite II

tusa dry top snorkel

The TUSA Hyperdry is a great all-rounder – Good for snorkeling and scuba diving, and constructed to a very high standard (exactly as you would expect from a brand like TUSA!).

The mouthpiece is ortho-consciously designed and so it is very comfortable when snorkeling for long periods, and reduces the amount of jaw fatigue. The comfort swivel on the TUSA also allows for optimal positioning of the snorkel so that it can be fit to best suit you.


  • Comfortable mouthpiece which angles well towards the mouth
  • Dry top and purge valve work very well
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Low profile design means less drag in the water


  • More expensive

Mares Ergo Dry

mares ergo dry snorkel

Named for the ergonomic design the Mares Ergo Dry certainly lives up to the name. The position of the mouthpiece means you don’t have to strain awkwardly to hold onto the snorkel, and is therefore great for long snorkel trips.

The performance of the Ergo is very good and it breathes effortlessly – Some snorkels can be difficult to breathe from, but the Ergo is very efficient and is super easy to breathe from.


  • Comfortable for long periods
  • Large variety of colors to choose from
  • Very good purge valve
  • Effortless breathing unlike some snorkels


  • Dry top valve can stick at times


Whilst we have only chosen the best dry top snorkels – The Cressi Supernova not only outperforms its competitors in terms of comfort, durability and performance but it is also one of the best  priced

If you are in the market for a dry top snorkel, then this is the one for you.

The dry top is the most reliable, the mouthpiece is comfortable to wear for extended periods, and it’s available in 18 different colors so you can match it to your swimwear or wetsuit.

Best Dry Snorkel

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