BEST Beach Blankets (2024) – Reviews + Buyers Guide

Relaxing on a pristine white sand beach.. There’s nothing quite like it! 

But as much as you love that beautiful white sand, I’m sure like me, you would prefer not to take it home with you!

Throw away those old worn out beach towels that you’ve been using as beach blankets, because it’s time for the real thing.

The best beach blankets on the market are comfortable, durable and easy to carry around with you, but best of all, you won’t end up bringing half of the beach back home with you!

So if you’re ready to find out how to choose the best beach blanket, then just keep reading.


The Best Beach Blankets Reviewed

Best Beach blanket - WildHorn Outfitters Sand Escape Beach Blanket


At 9” x 7” the Wildhorn Outfitters Beach Blanket is an excellent option for families or groups of several people – Or, even a couple who just really like to spread out!

The four corner anchor points can be filled with sand to help weight the blanket down, or used as pockets to hold your valuables. The blanket also has a fifth zip pocket at the front.

Despite its large size the blanket actually folds down very small (6 x 7 inches) for easy portability in its pouch.

When you’re ready to leave the beach and head home a simple shake of the blanket will get rid of any sand, and the blanket can be stuffed back into its carry case very quickly and easily


Best Beach Blanket for Families

WELLAX Sandfree Beach Blanket


The Wellax Beach Blanket at a very large 9 x 10 foot dimension is one of the best beach blankets for families. 

Despite the fact that this beach blanket is very large once spread out, it is very lightweight and rolls up small and compact, making it easy to transport.

The material itself is sand proof and water resistant so any water that collects on the blanket should roll right off, or dry very quickly.

On windy days, it’s recommended that you utilise the corner pockets to weight them down with sand to ensure the blanket is secured.

The material is also heat resistant, meaning the hot sand underneath, or the hot sun will not absorb the heat and make the blanket too hot.


ZOMAKE Extra Large Waterproof Picnic Blanket


The Zomake waterproof beach blanket has a super soft fleece top layer, a spongy middle layer and a waterproof bottom to prevent ground moisture from penetrating through.

This blanket is ideal for those looking for a blanket that provides that bit of extra padding, rather than just a single thin sheet style layer, which makes this blanket ideal for many places, especially if you’re picnicking on harder ground rather than at the beach.

The Zomake folds up to be an easily transportable blanket, which is surprisingly light. It has a handle as well making it very convenient for when you have a walk from your car to your destination.


BEST Compact Beach Blanket

BEARZ Outdoor Beach Blanket


The Bearz outdoor beach blanket might be the best beach blanket for travel, due to it being so lightweight and compact.

This blanket will comfortably fit two adults sprawled out on the beach, or up to four adults seated for a picnic.

Available in five different colors the Bearz outdoor blanket when folded into it’s carry bag is small enough to clutch in the palm of your hand, and with it being waterproof and puncture resistant it is very versatile – Great for hiking, beach goers, campers, backpackers you can throw this thing down and relax wherever the mood strikes.


Best budget beach blanket

Camco Handy Mat with Strap


The Camco is one of the best budget beach blankets – It is made from a very durable and hard wearing polypropylene material which is lightweight, waterproof and mildew proof.

If you’re after a low maintenance beach blanket then this might be the one for you as it is really very easy to clean, and can simply be hosed off and left out to dry.

Available in two different sizes, but even the smaller of which can still comfortably fit four adults, you can easily fold the Camco up and use the convenient carry handles to carry it to your destination.


JJ Cole Outdoor Blanket


The JJ Cole, similar to the Zomake is a slightly thicker/lightly padded style of blanket which can be quickly and easily folded back up for convenient portability.

It is really easy to clean – Most spills or dirt can be wiped off easily with a cloth or simply by shaking it.

This blanket is incredibly easy to fold back up, and the underneath of the blanket does not touch the top side of the blanket when folded, so you needn’t worry about dirt or mud transferring between the two sides.


How To Choose The Best Beach Blanket - Buying Guide

Best Beach Blanket


The type of materials used in beach blankets can vary quite extensively.

Parachute nylon is a popular option due to its sheer durability – This kind of material is extremely strong and will last you a long time. It is very hard indeed to rip or tear no matter what you intend on putting it through. 

It also has the benefit of being extremely light and is easily compacted down very small to further aid it’s portability. It is also water resistant, and sand can be very easily shaken off it.

Fleece is a popular material used in blankets but it is important that any outdoor blanket with a fleece top layer has a waterproof bottom layer (As the Zomake and JJ Cole beach blankets do). This is because fleece is very absorbent, therefore without this waterproof base layer you will basically end up laid on top of a wet sponge!

The benefits of a fleece style blanket are that they are very soft and comfortable, and often these blankets are multi-layered, so they have that extra bit of padding that a parachute nylon blanket does not.


For some of you your beach blanket may just be a way of marking your territory on the beach, or easily finding your spot again after a dip in the sea.

If you intend on simply using your blanket at the beach then you will be laying on soft sand, and it will most likely be coming into contact with water. Parachute nylon is an excellent choice for the beach due to it being waterproof, and it is very easy to rid it of sand once it’s time to go home again (a simple shake will rid it of any sand).

Nylon beach blankets can certainly be used for any type of outdoor activity, but those who intend on using this on harder ground may appreciate a thicker style blanket for more comfort instead.

Others may intend on using their beach blanket for other activities as well as at the beach, like camping, picnics at the park, or music festivals.

If that is the case then you could go for a thicker more padded style blanket rather than a nylon blanket, as it will be more comfortable to sit on for longer periods.

Whatever, or wherever you intend on using your blanket you’ll want to ensure you have the best blanket suited to your needs, so how you intend on using your blanket is an important point to consider.

size & shape

All of the blankets on our list will happily accommodate two people with plenty of space left over to keep your belongings. But do you require a beach blanket much larger than that?

Large groups or families will obviously need a beach blanket which takes up more real estate to accommodate this – The main thing to be aware of with larger blankets is that they will obviously be a little larger and heavier to transport, and potentially a little more tricky to fold back down again after use.


The thickness of your beach blanket is going to be somewhat relative to the comfort and protection it can provide. 

If attempting to take a nylon beach blanket onto rocky/hard ground you will find it quite uncomfortable and may wish to go for a thicker multi-layered fleece blanket.

If you are simply using the blanket at the beach then a thin nylon blanket will be just fine. Similarly if you have a long hike to your eventual destination then a thicker blanket is going to be larger and heavier, and you may wish to travel with a thinner lighter blanket in this case.

cleaning & maintenance

Most beach blankets are simple to clean and maintain, given the nature of their use is to be used on sand, and around water, but some beach blankets are easier to clean and maintain than others.

For the most hassle free maintenance and cleaning then a single layer/parachute nylon beach blanket is best, as liquids are easily wiped off, and sand is very easily shaken off.

Thicker beach blankets that are fleece, or constructed with multiple layers require a little more care, as often times they are not machine washable. These blankets are best hand cleaned with warm water.


Since no-one wants to lug heavy and inconvenient gear to the beach with them, all of the blankets on our list can be easily carried and transported.

Either they come with a carrying bag to place them in, or fold up themselves to become their own convenient carry case with handles/straps.

If luggage space and ease of portability are of most importance to you, then something like the Bearz beach blanket will be ideal since it comfortably fits into the palm of your hand once folded down and is ultra lightweight.


As the best beach blanket I recommend the Wildhorn Outfitters Beach Blanket for being large enough to accommodate the entire family or a large group, but small enough once folded down that it can accompany you on any adventure. The material is strong and durable so you can use it in a variety of conditions and it isn’t going to tear or rip, and it can happily take your beach chairs on it without puncturing.
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